WordPress Migration 


A lot of times we are required to move our up and running a website to another system, host or server. If not done by experts like us, any such movement may lead to a complete breakdown or substantial downtime for the website, which essentially means loss of business.

We will move your website without any glitches and time. We will even move it to another domain whenever there’s a need. We smoothly make changes to a subdomain to root-domain, sub-directory to root-directory or vice versa.

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We can also recover WordPress website forgotten Login Info.

We promise:

  • 1-3 Hours Delivery
  • Non-cpanel to cpanel Hosting
  • Local System to a remote server
  • Clone / duplicate WordPress website
  • Root domain to sub-domain
  • Sub-domain to root domain
  • Subfolder to root
  • Old host to another new host
  • Old domain to another new domain
  • Migrate WordPress from one hosting to another
  • Migrate existing WP installation to another folder
  • Migrate the multiple websites from various hosts to a single host
  • Installation And Setup WordPress
  • WordPress website update
  • Data backup and cleanup database
  • Premium theme customization
  • Database connection
  • WordPress Plugins installation and customization.
  • Bugs fix, menu fix, responsive website
  • WordPress fix error
  • Transfer Email accounts

Finally, revise the website to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

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Up to 1GB & 20 Pages, Up to 4GB & 100 Pages


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