Keyword Research 


Keyword research is an important part of SEO & has to be the prime goal for any webmaster or business owner; without having proper KW research, you don’t get relevant traffic or conversions. If you target a set of incorrect or bad Keywords, it will cost your business both time and money.

Time to eliminate the guessing Game from your online campaigns and activities. Find the best Keywords and target for your clientele or business.

No need to buy irrelevant long-tail keyword report or to hire permanent assistance for watchword research. We fulfil all your Keyword research requirements.


Even if you are placed at the very top of a search engine page, the Keyword Research is required to be always relevant to what an individual is searching for. Without the quality research and keyword placement, you may end up burning through your customer’s experience on your website.

Getting your post to the rank top is quite cumbersome as among thousands of available keywords, you to be present with the actual watchwords, which generate both rankings as well as relevance to your website. We will rearrange your SEO catchphrase system so you can get results quickly and naturally & also through PPC (Google Ads).

We discover the hidden words by researching your competition. We handpick the best Keywords words which no pre-defined software can do.


Our Keyword Research includes but not limited to:

  • KW Report
  • Conditional and Informational Search Queries
  • Sortable, filterable, and adaptable
  • Head Term, Middle and Long Tail Keywords
  • Contender Analysis
  • Site Traffic
  • Your Competitor’s Top km’s
  • Backlinks Report
  • Backlinks List
  • Niche words with the weak competition that’s proven to have targeted traffic in real-time, supercharging your conversions.
  • Best exact match niche domains


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