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Social Media as a Tool for Brand Building in 21st Century

Brands are tools for businesses to connect with consumers instantly. A brand (usually represented by a log) can help people to relate it to certain products or services. This is certainly a big advantage for brand owners who are able to build loyalty for their products. If for example you manufacture cement with a brand name “XYZ,” does it not make sense for you to create such a strong brand image, so much so that people forget they are buying cement and start calling it “XYZ”? Social media is one of the many venues available to businesses in Dubai for promoting their brand image. CubeReach is a social media agency, Dubai based that connects Dubai businesses to consumers locally and internationally.

Brand building is a slow process and behind the success of most big brands is their ability to meet consumers’ needs fully. Brand building is not a one-time job that you can do and go back to sleep. For a successful brand to remain in limelight it needs to constantly get discussed by people in places where the business operates. Big brands with tons of money, keep themselves in forefront by using a plethora of media to safeguard their position. But not all can afford it. However, social media is a godsend for big, medium and small businesses to compete on an even footing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advantages

The advent of social media is a big advantage for all stake holders and the biggest of all is that it works 24/7 across the world. It is cost effective and at the same time it has the widest footprint. CubeReach as a social media agency, Dubai has helped businesses to reach out to thousands of businesses globally to realize their full potential thereby multiplying sales and bringing in new customers. It also helps businesses to discover markets that were once considered beyond reach.

Here are some advantages of using social media over traditional venues for brand building purpose.

  • Works Around the Clock – If there is something in the world that never goes to sleep it is the social media. People discuss your products and exchange views which if well handled, your brand stands to gain.

  • Has a Global Footprint – If you are producing goods are services that you can deliver across the world, then social media will work wonderfully well for you. There is no barrier; absolutely. Your brand also gets discussed internationally. This is good for expanding and capturing unexplored markets.

  • Get better mileage for Your Money – Social media is not the cheapest we will agree, but when it comes to getting the most for every dollar, you stand to gain. In fact the reach is so vast that you will not even know that you have an international presence for so little.

  • Access to all Demography – Social media cuts across wide ranges of age groups, languages, cultures and orientations which you can exploit to sell products and services, and significantly they all meet in social media.

  • Place to Feel Consumers’ Pulse – Social media is not just about conglomeration of different people with varying social background; more it is a place that consumers use to discuss your brand. This is an advantage because you can participate in the discussion and present your brand in good light.

  • Brand Building is Easier in Social Media – The advantage of social media is you have full control over how you present your brand to the consuming public. You can project the positive qualities for which your brand stands high and why they should patronize your products.

  • Protect Your Brand Reputation – Once of the most difficult part in brand building is those negative images that have crept into your products and services and your helplessness in managing it for your product. In the social media space it is easier to speak one-to-one, meaning that you can counter every negative projection and even hope to convert such discussion into a valuable asset.

Brand Building in Practice

Brand building in practice is a complex process that is best left to professional companies like CubeReach who have years of experience in this domain. Its social media agency Dubai office handles accounts for major businesses in multiple sectors like retail, wholesale, manufacture, transportation, restaurants, insurance, healthcare, shipping and multiple other sectors for their brand building efforts.

You benefit from social media when it is properly handled and you have a committed team to respond to consumer needs. This we say because each business has its own speciality and need to tackle consumers very differently. A general rule for all demography or common approach to all issue is impractical. We recommend a social media agency, Dubai based, because they are able to understand your needs at close quarters.