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9 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Now!

Digital marketing is the most modern way to grab people’s attention. Since the ultimate goal of online content is to grab people’s attention and therefore, drive more traffic. But often, we can go too much to the process that the whole system becomes deviated from the correct path.

Here, we will walk you through the most common digital marketing mistakes that can drive your traffic down rather than up!

Having No Goal

Sometimes you might be so pumped up to start a website that they will lose sight of the goal. When you select a niche for your website, it should stick to the niche so that it can be consistent. So when you are marketing your website, make sure it stays true to the goal that you set in mind. Do not sacrifice the goal for short-lived popularity.

Not Targeting Right Audience

The audience is everything. Your website’s relevance lies in catering to your audience. So you need to target your audience when you develop your website. Create and host content that is of use to   your audience. Know your audience and tailor your efforts to them. This is how you get noticed by your audience. Digital marketing is all about attracting your audience, and the right way to do so is to create the right content.

Not Having a Social Media Portfolio

We see a lot of website owners who put a lot of work into their websites but do not utilize social media to their full potential. This is one of the most common digital marketing mistake that you should avoid if you want to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. Mediums like Facebook and Instagram are key drivers when it comes to digital marketing.

Not Performing Proper Keyword Research

What to get your website relate to a user’s search? Then you need to pardon various keyword that they will use to access information. This requires a bit of technical knowledge. But at the end, it is totally worth it.  When you are creating tailored content, you need to make sure that your content has the appropriate rank value.  If you haven’t started on your research yet, the time is now!

Not Using AdWords

AdWords can help you boost your ranking multi-fold. It will bring you to the top of the search results page when the word you have invested in is searched by users. It is really cost effective and can help you drive more traffic to your website in the least amount of time. If you want to get your website a lot of traffic in the least amount of time. Not using AdWords? You might want to now!

Not Using Call to Action Posts

When you read a social media post, it’s much more engaging to read something that ends with a question or call to action. Give the audience something to talk or think about. Include a call to action lines in your content to prompt the users to engage with the content and create more viewer immersion.

Not staying trendy

In the online world, people want to be informed of the latest! So make sure that your website covers all the current and trending topics. If you put in an effort to cover all the latest news relating to your website niche. Staying trendy is staying relevant.

Forgetting email market

In 2018, many think that email marketing is over. But they are still relevant and can get you a lot of viewership. Do not forget about your end-users and email is a clever medium that you can use to connect with them. Create curiosity-inducing e-mails that are bound to get you more leads.

Underestimating mobile marketing

Did you now that mobiles constitute about 65% of digital consumption. Make sure that you factor in mobile while you do all your digital marketing. This will help you cove a wide market than any other means.

Still confused about what to do and what not to do?

Then the safest and effective solution is to hire digital marketing experts. Cubereach has been in the field of digital marketing in Dubai for a long time. Being the best in trade, we can provide you with all-around digital marketing solutions. We will help you build your own platform that is engaging, interesting and most importantly, uniquely you!

Optimizing Your Website beyond SEO and its Importace

Optimizing your website with search engine optimization (SEO) is no doubt an important task that you need to do regularly for using your website as a tool for promoting your business, but there are other things that you need to do as well. Generally, it will cover such broad areas such as: creating captivating content, cleansing your website off redundant material, organizing your content systematically, adding new pages as often as possible and finally ensuring that the page coding is as per standards. These are complex process you can contract out to SEO services in Dubai to ensure that your website is getting professional attention of the first quality.

Leveraging Other Media

While SEO focuses on keeping the search engine happy to put your webpages on the top of result pages, the objects of the other task is to keep your visitors in good humour. A website that gives its visitors a memorable experience makes them come again and again for more. The more visitors you get, your websites authority too goes up, meaning your website will be treated as something special. For more help on this in Dubai you can contact companies like CubeReach that specializes in SEO services in Dubai.

SEO Services in Dubai

Here is what you need to do to keep your visiting folks in good spirits.

  1. Create awesome content that is captivating and caters to a niche audience. The benefit to your website is that it will be perceived as an authority on the niche topic and it gets recommended to others. This not an SEO endeavour; it directly impacts the visitors and turns them your ambassadors.

  2. Promote your website in non-internet media such as newspapers, magazines, roadshows, public displays and through stationary. This is a fairly simply process and has the potentially to bring in visitors to your website. If you own a fairly large business and you can afford TV advertisements, it is time to invest on ad on this media too. This is particularly helpful if your business is about consumer products.

  3. Provide some services that makes visitors come back to your websites again and again. You can for example, if your budget permits extend an email service or a news aggregation service specific to a niche in which you have some interest. Websites that have news content are really great, but the cost can be substantial. For top quality news services, you can contact SEO services in Dubai; they know what is trending and where the focus is nowadays.

Focus on People is What SEO services in Dubai Should Do

To bring in quality visitors, SEO though important, you need to look beyond it. This can actually give that extra push to SEO efforts by bringing in organic traffic which in turn encourages search engines to give a higher position in the result pages. Search engines view higher hits as potentially more important than even SEO compliance rules. CubeReach is an acclaimed SEO services in Dubai with an international footprint with an advanced production centre.

How to Tell an Optimized Webpage from the One that is NOT

If you are a website owner, you will probably have heard many people in the internet speak about optimizing websites (webpages really). For some people an optimized webpage is all about getting the page up in the search engine result, though this not all to it. The means they adopt for optimizing a webpage is through content. From it evolved concepts surrounding content marketing. Big businesses use content marketing as a strategic tool for staying ahead in the race. With this came content marketing Dubai based companies to provide content for major businesses here.

Content Marketing Dubai

It is however important to note that optimized webpage is more than a mere formality used to please the search engine to get your webpages up in the search result. Optimized webpage in its real sense means a webpage that not only satisfies the search engine but also goes far beyond to encompass user experience and technical requirement of a webpage. We recommend that you contract a content marketing in Dubai service provider if your business is located there.

5 Five Features of an Optimized Webpage

Here is a clear anatomical dissection of a webpage to tell the difference between an optimized webpage and one that isn’t.

  1. Optimized webpages are free of coding errors. It follows standards as is normally acceptable to most commonly used browsers. It has a structure that is easy for crawlers to decipher content and to look for relevant information. Webpages not optimized are poorly written and don’t follow the industry standards for browsers.

  2. Navigation is near perfect an optimized webpage that makes it easier for users to move from page to page in a seamless manner. It has fewer links to pages outside the current page. Navigation, on the other hand in a page not optimized is haphazard. It is neither intuitive nor scientific. Too many links in them confuse web crawlers and the result is you get a poor ranking though in terms of content quality your website may score high.

  3. Optimized pages have a reasonably good number of graphic content or photos for illustration. It keeps the readers glued to the page for a long time which is a favourable indicator for the web crawlers. It is just the opposite for a page that is not optimized. There are either too many photos or too little of it, and that again with little description to it. Include images that are clear and meet industry standards for the internet.

  4. Optimized pages have the right number of keywords repeated at right intervals. They give the impression that the content was created for human readers rather than for crawlers. Keyword stuffing is not a desirable element in any page. Always write with the minimum number of keywords and that again only in its right context. Web crawlers are getting brighter day by day and some are smart enough to learn that you don’t have the readers in mind. Search engines depend on patronage to stay in the lead and they will not tolerate even a couple trick if you try to break past through their system.

  5. Optimized pages have a clean layout and lots of white space so that readers are able to read content in a clear manner with little or no effort. Further, an optimized page will have a responsive design to it making it easier for rendering in more than one browser or device. A webpage that is not responsive will show poorly in smaller devices giving the users a bad experience that will make them not to come any more. Though this not a major issue, we will recommend you to code your pages in such a way as to make it compatible with all popular browsers. Did you know that coders can instruct the browsers specifically to use a particular retinue for optimal display?

Optimizing for the readers is never to be viewed in isolation from SEO consideration. Take a collective look and that is what we call optimization.

Need for Professionalism

If you though optimizing is for an entire website, you are badly mistaken. To make your webpages look great, handcraft each page with care and test it for compliance with industry standards. CubeReach is an expert content marketing in Dubai Company with coders specially trained to follow coding procedures meticulously. Businesses trust the company for ensuring that they get the most optimized pages for their websites.

The company also undertakes content marketing in Dubai for promoting your websites using ethical practices approved by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.