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Top 5 Tips for successful PPC Campaign You Need to Know

It is not the intention of this article to elaborate on the definition of PPC (pay per click). It is more about making a PPC campaign successful. If you are here, you probably also know what it is all about and have a clear idea about what you plan to achieve. The objective is to provide you a few tips that will help you to score success.

Here are the tips.

Define your Objectives Clearly

Unless you define your objectives, you may not be able to measure your successes in PPC. It is not always the objective to increase sales from your website – your objective can be to increase brand awareness. Non sales objectives may include: lead generation, market survey or providing access to a download. Once you have decided an objective, the next step will be deciding the keywords. Everything about PPC will be on the keywords.

Researching a keyword is itself a speciality and will mostly depend on the objectives you set. Keywords for PPC will fall in one these categories – brand terms, competitor terms, product or service terms or generic terms. Generic terms are among the most expensive and sometimes ambiguous while brand terms are among the least expensive. Generic terms run the risk of bring traffic in tons but brand terms are reputed for producing higher conversion ratio.

PPC Campaign Tips

Know Your Customers

Since so much of PPC depends on your visitors, you need to know them deeply. Some information you will need to collect include: demography, social status and income group information. Do not aspire to reach all segments with in a single campaign program – chances are you will not reach your message to any of them. Try to focus and be specific. Indiscriminate clicks only lead to extra expenses without a corresponding benefit to you.

Put yourself in the place of your customers and see what they will want. The more you are able to guess their purpose, the more you will be able to sharpen your campaign. The objective of PPC is not to bring unwanted traffic, it is intended to bring customers who will take actions you want them to.

Plan Your Keywords

Guessing keywords is an unenviable task we agree. There is room for going astray but that you should strive not to make. You are not without help. Google’s Keyword Planner tool is available that you can use to target the right words for your purpose. We will personally recommend you to choose the paid version because it has richer features and makes your job easier.

Google’s Keyword Planner’s utility far exceeds its purpose other than for PPC. It is also an ideal for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. Using the tool by itself will not produce expected results, there is more to it, and more importantly, you must strive to setup your account properly. You are better off by seeking professional help to setup the account.

Have a Realistic Budget

In PPC you can really waste a lot of money if you don’t keep a tight control over the budget. There are pits falls in both the ways you can travel – spending too little and spending too high. By spending too little don’t expect to benefit proportionately. But setting your budget too high will mean lower rate of return (ROI). There is a median; the point at which you are able to match ROI to money expended. You will need a professional and some experimenting to locate this point.

Do not shy away from asking for professional assistance. Professional assistance does not come free, we agree, but you should not mind the money you spend on them considering that they can deliver results consistent with your objectives.

Keep Out Negative Keywords

One of the best ways to get a higher ROI in PPC is by keeping out negative keywords. In brief we describe negative keywords as those words that don’t trigger your ads. Identifying keywords that don’t work or guzzles money is an art. But once you are able to identify, they should be moved instantly. It is possible that some keywords are going bad and you are not able to identify them on time.

What works today or what worked yesterday may not work for tomorrow. Keywords are not eternal – they are known to go through a lifecycle. It should be your constant effort to identify them both for repealing and for introducing at the most appropriate time.

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