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How to Tell an Optimized Webpage from the One that is NOT

If you are a website owner, you will probably have heard many people in the internet speak about optimizing websites (webpages really). For some people an optimized webpage is all about getting the page up in the search engine result, though this not all to it. The means they adopt for optimizing a webpage is through content. From it evolved concepts surrounding content marketing. Big businesses use content marketing as a strategic tool for staying ahead in the race. With this came content marketing Dubai based companies to provide content for major businesses here.

Content Marketing Dubai

It is however important to note that optimized webpage is more than a mere formality used to please the search engine to get your webpages up in the search result. Optimized webpage in its real sense means a webpage that not only satisfies the search engine but also goes far beyond to encompass user experience and technical requirement of a webpage. We recommend that you contract a content marketing in Dubai service provider if your business is located there.

5 Five Features of an Optimized Webpage

Here is a clear anatomical dissection of a webpage to tell the difference between an optimized webpage and one that isn’t.

  1. Optimized webpages are free of coding errors. It follows standards as is normally acceptable to most commonly used browsers. It has a structure that is easy for crawlers to decipher content and to look for relevant information. Webpages not optimized are poorly written and don’t follow the industry standards for browsers.

  2. Navigation is near perfect an optimized webpage that makes it easier for users to move from page to page in a seamless manner. It has fewer links to pages outside the current page. Navigation, on the other hand in a page not optimized is haphazard. It is neither intuitive nor scientific. Too many links in them confuse web crawlers and the result is you get a poor ranking though in terms of content quality your website may score high.

  3. Optimized pages have a reasonably good number of graphic content or photos for illustration. It keeps the readers glued to the page for a long time which is a favourable indicator for the web crawlers. It is just the opposite for a page that is not optimized. There are either too many photos or too little of it, and that again with little description to it. Include images that are clear and meet industry standards for the internet.

  4. Optimized pages have the right number of keywords repeated at right intervals. They give the impression that the content was created for human readers rather than for crawlers. Keyword stuffing is not a desirable element in any page. Always write with the minimum number of keywords and that again only in its right context. Web crawlers are getting brighter day by day and some are smart enough to learn that you don’t have the readers in mind. Search engines depend on patronage to stay in the lead and they will not tolerate even a couple trick if you try to break past through their system.

  5. Optimized pages have a clean layout and lots of white space so that readers are able to read content in a clear manner with little or no effort. Further, an optimized page will have a responsive design to it making it easier for rendering in more than one browser or device. A webpage that is not responsive will show poorly in smaller devices giving the users a bad experience that will make them not to come any more. Though this not a major issue, we will recommend you to code your pages in such a way as to make it compatible with all popular browsers. Did you know that coders can instruct the browsers specifically to use a particular retinue for optimal display?

Optimizing for the readers is never to be viewed in isolation from SEO consideration. Take a collective look and that is what we call optimization.

Need for Professionalism

If you though optimizing is for an entire website, you are badly mistaken. To make your webpages look great, handcraft each page with care and test it for compliance with industry standards. CubeReach is an expert content marketing in Dubai Company with coders specially trained to follow coding procedures meticulously. Businesses trust the company for ensuring that they get the most optimized pages for their websites.

The company also undertakes content marketing in Dubai for promoting your websites using ethical practices approved by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.